Who are we?

Launched on 2nd February 1990 as a trading business, we soon transformed into a full-scale manufacturing unit in 1993, launching our own brand into the public. Since the past 30+ years, with our promising designs, quality fabric, and friendly customer service, we've earned the trust of lakhs of customers. We own an end-to-end fully-functional manufacturing unit that binds with a strong commitment to the environment.

Why Vijay Textiles?

Simply because we're a world of Fabrics like you've never experienced before; equipped with a manufacturing unit, we're capable of creating customised designs & fabrics to suit your needs and dreams.

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Don't have an idea for a custom design? No worries, we've got you. Get some inspiration, or select from our already available fabrics with 5000+ designs. Please take a look at our gallery.

By Design

  • Floral: This type of fabric designs include an abstract arrangement of flowers, leaves, or grass on the fabric. This type of fabric design goes with numerous interiors. Although, florals always add a lively look to your space. One of the apt uses of this design is to add a bright feel during occasions and festivals.
  • Paisleys: This type of fabric has an ornamental design that uses Butta or Tear drop-shaped Motifs. This fabric design brings a traditional appeal to your space. So, bring a bright-pop to your festival with these kinds of designs.
  • Abstract: These are non-representational designs with free drawn shapes and lines. It is a diverse themed design that has unique colour combinations. This kind of design brings an unusual definition to your space.
  • Geometrical: This type of designs have cleanly arranged patterns in order. These have a mathematical approach to form shapes and patterns that form symmetry when looked from any perspective. This design adds a disciplined feel to any space.

By Application

A piece of fabric adds a pop of colour you need to your interior. Want your place to be bright? Dangle a white shaded curtain over the windows and change your sofas' covers with a similar bright shade. Want to induce a dark and moody feel? Change the drapes, covers, and sheets to a darker shade. Unlike furniture and walls, you have a wide range to experiment with fabrics, as you can choose the design, fabric, and the feel of the space.

By Type

  • Canvas: Made out of heavy cotton yarn; known for durability, sturdy, and heavy-duty.
  • Cotton: The most preferred fabric, that we all have experienced the feeling in everyday clothing, bedsheets, towels, etc.
  • Crêpe: A silk, wool, or synthetic fabric with a unique wrinkled appearance; popularly chosen for curtains and pillow covers.
  • Linen: An incredibly absorbent, elegant and breathable fabric, that's ideal for summers. The lightness in the fabric allows air to flow through.
  • Satin: One of the most preferred textile weaves. It creates a shiny, soft, and beautiful feel.








"Thanks for the fabulous way you worked with me when it came to choosing a fabric for the curtains. All your advice about length, style, fabric, colour, pleating, etc."

Sudesh Kumar   CEO Genesis Enterprises

"Plenty of variety. They customise as per our requirements too"

Bhanu Bhaskara

"Best place to buy curtains, furnishing materials and bedsheets. Helpful and knowledgeable staff."